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About Us  
Shop for partners of the "Coopers" project was specially developed as a solution for building a recommendation based long-term global trading network. We came up with a simple yet revolutionary solution in the field of internet commerce – international network discount store. Products featured in our shop are carefully chosen from the best market has to offer. The key principle of selection is premium quality for affordable price.

For partners

Participating in our partnership program allows you to join the trading network. It is well known fact that 70% of commodity circulation in the world is done by the way of network marketing. With the help of our company You can sell merchandise of world market leaders with discounts, thus to earn money. To learn more about our partnership program, please follow the banner in bottom left-hand part of this page.

For producers

Ever growing number of entrepreneurs involved in our partnership program ensures high turnover for our shop. You can introduce your own products in our shop if they meet our most important selection criterias, namely: high quality and up-to-date technology. We offer conditions for fast growth to the companies, that recognised the opportunities of network marketing, in exchange for exclusive prices for your products in our shop. Feel free to contact our colleagues in the Marketing Department for further information.


Fixed amount of money from the revenue of our business activity and performance of partnership network is sent to the orphanage of the town of Kolomna (Shyurovo). Any propositions and help concerning charity are welcome.

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